If the unexpected happens, you can rest assured knowing that we’re here and you’re covered. Reach out to us and we’ll get you the coverage you need at a fair price with personalized service you can count on.


Bring peace-of-mind along for the ride knowing you’re protected. Auto insurance protects you and your vehicle from any losses that can occur. If you are at fault in a car accident and injure somebody, your bodily injury coverage would pay for your legal defense and any awards given to the injured party. Property damage coverage pays for repairs to the other party’s vehicle after an auto accident. Your comprehensive and collision coverage pay for repairs to your own vehicle after a covered loss, minus the deductible that is on your policy.


Provides coverage for your dwelling as well as your personal property that is inside the home. Along with these coverages, a homeowner’s policy covers other structures on your property (detached garage, shed, etc.) and also provides funds to live elsewhere in the event of a covered loss. There is also liability coverage which provides coverage in the event someone sues you for something that happens on your property (slip and fall is a common occurrence). Additional coverages are available to ensure that all perils are covered.

One of the main add-ons is water backup coverage which provides coverage if there is water damage in caused by the backup of a drain or a sump pump. Homeowners insurance is required if there is a mortgage on the home.

If your home is temporarily uninhabitable and you need to a place to stay, extra expense coverage compensates you.


An umbrella policy provides an extra layer of protection if the limits of your homeowners, auto & other underlying primary personal policies are exceeded. If you are held liable for an unforeseen event, your umbrella insurance will kick in & provide you with additional protection in increments of $1 million and so on.

Landlord Property

This provides financial protection for landlords in the event of a loss or lawsuit. Provides coverage for properties rented out to tenants. This policy provides both property and liability coverage. Dwelling coverage, other structures, personal property, and loss of rent are all coverages available with this policy.

  • Personal possessions used to maintain the property (furniture, appliances, tools)
  • Liability, if someone on your rented property is injured and you are held liable

Boat insurance provides similar coverages to your boat as auto insurance provides for your car. Your bodily injury coverage would protect the policyholder in the event your boat causes harm to others. It should also cover damage your boat causes to another boat, dock, or any other property near water. Additional coverage is available for the trailer as well. Finally, it will pay for the repairs needed to fix your boat after a covered accident


Enjoy the open road & trails knowing you are protected. We cover a full range of motorcycles, scooters, dirt bikes, and ATVs. Motorcycle insurance works a lot like auto insurance & provides you with many of the same coverages.

Classic Car

We will work together to ensure your classic, vintage and/or antique car is properly insured by customizing your policy based on your personalized needs.

Mobile Home

Protect your mobile home from damages from fire, some weather-related incidents, vandalism, burglary, etc. Coverage also includes liability protection.


Make sure you’re covered before you hit the trails this winter. Snowmobile insurance will make sure you, your sled, and everyone else are protected. All you will need to do is enjoy riding!


Flood insurance provides protection to your property after a catastrophic flood event in your area. This event would not be covered under a regular homeowner’s policy, so a separate policy is recommended. If you live in a flood zone it could be required by your mortgage company, but even if you don’t live in a flood zone you can purchase a policy for any limit that would provide payment to repair replace any damage to your property as well as any damage to your contents.

Whole Life and Term Life

Life insurance is a way to provide financial security to your family in the amount of a lump sum payment. Term Life Insurance is for a certain period of time and only provides the death benefit to your family if death occurs during that period. Whole Life Insurance, while the premium is higher, is guaranteed to pay a death benefit to your family if death occurs at any time.